Mois de la photo à Uqbar is pleased to announce the opening of Appropriating the Museum. This cybernetic exhibition features the works of 25 artists in gallery space appropriated from the Parisian Laundry during the 2015 edition of Mois de la Photo à Montreal.

Appropriating the Museum was conceived following the discovery of empty wall space at Mois de la photo à Montreal‘s Parisian Laundry location. Seeing an opportunity to offer museum space to the post-photographic community, Mois de la photo à Uqbar decided to appropriate it. The first section of the exhibition presents artists who downloaded the walls while they were still in their original location.


In order to continue use of this highly coveted exhibition space after the closing of the 2015 edition of MPM, MPU chose to steal one of the Parisian walls and began searching for a new location.

After three weeks in transit the Parisian Laundry wall was finally relocated between suites 403 and 405 of the Belgo building in downtown Montreal, and was ready once again to receive new works. The second section of the exhibit presents artists who downloaded the Parisian Laundry wall after it was relocated.

We are presenting the works in chronological order to preserve the evolution of the Parisian laundry wall; you may also choose to access the works by artist’s name from the index provided.